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  1. Parking for hours
  2. Daily parking for guests of some hotels (with a weekly package discount)
  3. Shuttle service to / from some hotels
  4. Area camper (see page dedicated services) + Stop train tour to the nearby Polignano a Mare
  5. Wi-fi free

Resorts of the area

The center of Polignano a Mare is just minutes from the parking. An architectural gem overlooking the beach, made of twisted lanes and alleys to the history and traditions of a village of seafaring traditions. The blades, rugged coastline and inlets in the highest, is one of the characteristics of the territory: the most important Monachile Lama is in town and offers an indescribable spectacle from the bridge that connects the two banks for the road.
The sea of Polignano is the most transparent of Puglia, accessible from the cliff by some sandy coves in the north.

City of seafaring traditions, historically linked to the evolution of the Village of Egnatia (whose excavations in the territory of neighboring Fasano), Monopoli has among its treasures many creeks that summer is crowded with bathers, a large and rich in historical center angles spectacular rock-hewn churches (both in the town in the countryside that) and a cultural and social heritage linked to the life of the districts that emerges in the feasts of patron saints for almost every Sunday in summer. Distance from Polignano a Mare only 6 Km

The city of Putignano has made Carnival the main attraction, along with a number of traditions linked at the beginning and end of that contextualize it in a local tradition that is not only floats. In the run-up to the climax of the carnival, Mardi Gras, there is a path that culminates Thursday in what is called "the horned Thursday."

Castellana Grotte is famous for the karst site on which it stands is one of the most interesting natural attractions in the region. The city, which also has an interesting historical center, bases its reputation on this gift of nature that makes a journey to the center of the earth with a tangle of stalactites and stallagmiti formed over the centuries. Recently, the site is also used for theatrical piece of great visual impact.

A few miles away from Polignano a Mare, on the outskirts of Fasano in the province of Brindisi, lies the Zoo Safari - Fantasyland. Born from years of experience in the field of family Medrano circus, it offers the opportunity to visit the animals in spaces that mimic the habitat of origin. The dolphin show, the number of atttrazioni amusement park offer the opportunity to spend a day with the family especially children.

Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage between the Valle d'Itria and the threshold of the Murgia, the country is the symbol of Puglia. Trulli are the architectural elements that characterize this town that, over time developed a strong capacity to accommodate tourists from all over the world, especially from Japan.

In the heart of Valle d'Itria Locorotondo is an icon (along with the nearby Alberobello) a mode of development of the inland towns, known for its culinary traditions (a white wine produced from local winery takes its name from the city label doc) Locorotondo is a summer destination for the most interesting territory. Both the architectural plan for what regards the historical center, both for its cultural offerings in teh last few years has been particularly encouraged by the Palio the Contrada.


The nearest beach Area Camper is one of the nicest in the area between Monopoli and Polignano a Mare, in Torre Incina (N 40.97939589099753 GPS - 17.258663177490234 E). As the crow flies the beach is 1.2 km from the staging is necessary to reach the service road along the mountain side SS16 towards Bari, take the underpass then take the coplanar sea side and walk towards the latter Brindisi.

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